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Show on the rise of Nationalisms

1943, Jeannette, in her fifties, works in a Parisian cinema.

It can no longer bear the daily propaganda that runs there on a loop.

The ultra-nationalist news from France-Actualités reminded her of what she experienced in 1914 and the disaster that followed with the outbreak of the First World War.

She will relive her story... and ours!

Show labeled National and Departmental 
by the Centennial Mission

Text, direction, scenography, lighting: Jean-Bernard Philippot

Music: Philippe Leroy and period songs


With the following actors and musicians: Delphine Magdalena, Jeanne Quibel, Séphora Haymann, Sophie Matel, Carole Duclos, Jean-Louis Wacquiez, Philippe Leroy, Alain Duclos, Nicolas Fantoli, Emmanuel Bordier, Hervé Santerre, Michel Fontaine, Philippe Leroy and Jean-Bernard Philippot.


Costumes: Adeline Bargeas and Patricia Hottin

Director: Patrice Le Duc


Administration:  Julie Donadini and Nicolas Berthelot

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