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Anne Frank, the diary of a resistance fighter

Arts Reading

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt. His family, of Jewish faith, emigrated to the Netherlands in 1933 just after Adolf Hitler came to power. In Amsterdam, she had a happy childhood until 1942, despite the war.

It was on 12 June 1942, for her thirteenth birthday, that Anne Frank received her famous little red and white checkered notebook. She begins the same day what will become a world famous diary.

From July 6, 1942, Anne Frank and her family had to take refuge in an "annex" of her father's office in order to avoid deportations.


Recluse, hidden with her family, the young girl offers through her diary a testimony of the sufferings endured by the oppressed of nazisme. She confided her joys, her sorrows, her sufferings, her hopes too,  until August 4, 1944 when she was arrested.

She will be deported and will die in the Bergen-Belsen camp in March 1945.

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An Arts Reading, what is it?

In reading and in situation, the actress playing Anne Frank can be accompaniedto your requestby an artist, musician, dancer, sculptor, painter, who interacts as he pleases throughout the story.

What feelings are born in him from this reading?  What work can he associate with it? What sensations does he bring to the spectator of the work he is going to create in front of the spectators? This is the whole purpose of "our art reading".



Adaptation and layout:Jean-Bernard Philippot

Actress:In progress

Video :Jean-Bernard Philippot

Management:Max Aubert

Duration :45 to 50 minutes

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