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A small flower fallen from a basket

Found herself alone one day lost in a meadow.

Far from all his family and friends

And not knowing what to do, she nevertheless decided to put her things there.

But how to live happily far from any friendship?

Little lost flower, completely uprooted.

Then finally the suns of an announced spring

When a little bee nuzzled his ear...

Ecological and musical taleon global warming and its consequences,"The little flower that wanted to fly" is a family show all in plant art!
Four characters to evoke the world and this warming planet, a little garden flower, a young climate refugee, a little boy, his grandfather...
Two small flowers in a way, which suffer their personal storms and the rising waters that accompany them.
They would like to fly, sometimes, to leave their hostile lands, or at least to change the air...

From July 7 to 28, 2021 - Buffon Theater - 1:55 p.m.
Mondays off

Full price: 14 euros

Card off: 10 euros

Child: 10 euros


Contact in Avignon: Julien Dubuc  06 77 77 45 54

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18 rue Buffon Avignon Intra-Muros
Online reservations:click!

Reservations by phone: 04 90 27 36 89

Text and staging
Jean-Bernard Philippot

Author published by Harmattan

WithPauline Vincent, Pauline Nadoulek, Raphaël Jothy, Daniel Violette and our puppets!

live musicPauline Vincent (Flute), Raphaël Jothy (Clarinet),
Jean-Bernard Philippot (Percussion).

Jean-Bernard Philippot

Decor and puppets in plant art
Jean-Marc Chamblay

Sébastien Sidaner assisted by Maxime Aubert

Max Aubert

Marion Prouvost

Julien Dubuc

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"A poetic and ecological fable that touches sensitive souls as much by the messages sent as by the visual tricks of the scenography".

Hélène Chevrier THEATRAL MAGAZINE // National Press


"Seen this afternoon! A marvel of poetry, not to be missed if it is shown here!"

Marie-Pierre Duval Newspaper L'UNION





A very beautiful scenography for a magnificent show that evokes nature and sublimates it! Run there with your children!
France Blue Vaucluse



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The text of "The little flower that wanted to fly"

published by L'Harmattan/Collection Luna!
Click here to order it!

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