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Dom Juan, an unfaithful character, seducer, libertine and blasphemer accumulates amorous conquests, seducing young noble girls or servants with the same success. 

Accompanied by his faithful valet Sganarelle, he believes neither in Heaven nor in Hell and displays a certain cynicism in his relationships.
He loves challenges, to the last...


In this particular play by Molière, the dramaturgical core is built around the Dom Juan/Sganarelle couple, constantly present on the set. Jean-Louis Wacquiez  is Dom Juan, Philippe Eretzian, Sganarelle. Together, both actors and manipulators, they are surrounded by objects inspired by the work of Andy Warhol.

Object Theater

The rapprochement between Dom Juan and the Pope of Pop Art may surprise. It is a question of taking up the idea of a world where the consumer objects that we believe we control take up more and more space. The scenography is therefore largely based on the work of Warhol: the object, the image, the music, the video.

“We loved this surprising show!"RELEASE

"The audience enjoyed it!" THE UNION

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