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Julie, 30, returns one day to her childhood bedroom.
She finds her world there, her dolls, her toys and a book. It's an old Christmas story that she had received as a birthday present, one winter morning, on her 6th birthday. Leafing through it, she then remembers that memorable night when, thanks to this magic book, she met Santa Claus...

Discussed subjects

Christmas, reading, magic, legends, friendship, the parent/child relationship.

Criticism of Editions Brettsche: "Julie and the Magic Book", a play filled with magic and humor. A delicious moment to share for young and old.


"The Maison des jeunes et de la culture offered the children a Christmas story, Julie and the magic book. A wonderful story, in a magical setting, a magical moment with the family with the Compagnie Nomades!" West France

"A marvelous tale which delighted the spectators." THE UNION

"The audience was captivated by this magical and poetic show imbued with sweet nostalgia and beautiful emotions."Orne Weekly



"I wanted to congratulate the actors for these 12 performances which took the children into a beautiful universe that is Christmas. I had a lot of positive feedback from these little smurfs and that warms our hearts! bet is amply won."
Celine Rochelle
Head of cultural service
Epinay-sous-Senart Cultural Center

"Following the show Julie and the magic book, All the comments of those present were complimentary.
Happy New Year's Eve to all the members of Compagnie Nomades!"

Marie-Cécile BRANCOURT
Crécy/Serre Library

Good plans

Other video extracts 
​​ Christmas tale par excellence "Julie and the Magic Book" tells us how reading can make a child travel. A book is magic!

"We had the great pleasure of welcoming you for a show that pleased the children of the nursery as well as the CM2 as well as the parents, teachers, elected officials, Mrs. Le Maire and myself.
What happiness you have given us! We were sad, happy, attentive, captivated by the story, the action throughout the show and the technical effects.
We were transported into the dream of the tale, and from childhood to adulthood, everyone was able to recognize themselves.
Congratulations to the whole team for their professionalism!"

Mrs. Marie-Ange Balasse
Academic Affairs Assistant

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