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It's the story of a friendship between a tree and a child that will last a lifetime. The tree and the child are happy and satisfied with simple things, but the child grows and his values change. Material needs are felt, he forgets the tree a little to devote himself to projects for grown-ups... He will have a friend and abandon his tree, as an adult, he dreams of a house. The tree offers him its branches. Dissatisfied, the man dreams of a boat. The tree offers its trunk. Time passes... He only comes back once he is old. Only the stump of the tree remains. So he sits down for a last moment of exchange...

Author / Director: Jean-Louis Wacquiez


Manipulators : Delphine Magdalena, Jeanne Quibel,
Jean-Louis Wacquiez


Musician : Jean-Bernard Philippot


Technical : Patrice Leduc


Administration : Julie Donadini and Nicolas Berthelot


Show played under a dome 8m in diameter. From 1 year.

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