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 " The little people of Pollénie - land of honey - are in turmoil because an evil wasp has taken power by force by transforming its inhabitants into stone statues._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_
Heart of Stone now reigns supreme over what she calls herself - Her little people of stone.  
Finally she believes it ! Because our people, at night, talk, move. The soul of the stones is revealed… and nature will soon take back its rights ! "

sculpture theater


The characters, inhabitants of Pollénie (the country of honey...),
all come from nature:

Heart of Stone: A wasp
Oxymore : A beetle
Théo : A baby bee
Pierre : a miscellaneous beetle… and summer !
Mosquito : … a mosquito
Other insects and fungi : Precious, Cardin, Lactaire, Mirador, etc…


“The adult public did not hide their pleasure for this very original show” THE ECHO OF THE CENTER

“The wonderful world of Compagnie Nomades has enchanted young and old alike” THE MOUNTAIN

“When a sculptor of history meets a sculptor of stone, you simply come out amazed!” NEW AISNE

“A quest rich in adventure, poetry and magical moments. A real beautiful theatrical moment” THE UNION

Text, direction, scenography, lighting: Jean-Bernard Philippot


Actors : Delphine Magdalena, Jean-Louis Wacquiez

Musician: Jean-Bernard Philippot


Sculptures : Roland Vincent (Sardent, Creuse, which you MUST visit!)


Dome design: Jean-Louis Wacquiez

Administration: Julie Donadini and Nicolas Berthelot

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