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In the burning ruins of the thousand-year-old city of Kabul, death prowls, a black turban around his skull. The Taliban are watching. 
Atiq, the courageous mujahid, converted into a jailer, drags out his sentence. All pride left him. The taste for life also abandoned Mohsen, who dreamed of modernity. His wife Zunaïra, a lawyer, more beautiful than the sky, is now condemned to the screened darkness of the chador. So Kabul, which madness awaits, has no more history to offer than tragedies.
What hope is there? The spring of the swallows still seems a long way off...

"In this Afghan story, the spectator listens to the text with his eyes fixed on these large dolls. The action surrounds the public who is not far from becoming a witness to the abuses committed in a brilliant takeover of the premises"._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

UNION 2013


We want to thank you for this wonderful and terrible show, "Les Hirondelles de Kaboul", shared yesterday at the Cultural Center of Soissons.
An evening with friends to recover, debate, fight, talk about our chance to still remain beings of speech... women offered to the view and to the intelligence of relationships...

Thank you. 


Staging and Adaptation: Jean-Louis Wacquiez


"External" views: Philippe Leroy and Jean-Bernard Philippot 

Scenography: Compagnie Nomades

Music and sound: Philippe Leroy

Puppeteers: Charlotte Joliveau and Jean-Louis Wacquiez

Puppet Creators: Claire Fauthoux and Anna Six

Lights: Jean-Bernard Philippot

Costumes: Brigitte Mien

Administration: Julie Donadini and Nicolas Berthelot

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