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Addictive behavior and bullying



A hospital room. In bed a young man of 15 is dying.
It is surrounded by machines, pipes, a drip.

On this bed, a living being – his heart – and an almost dead being – his brain –  discuss the exceptionality of the moment.


“A contre cœur” evokes the last two years of a young man loved by his family nucleus who rocks little by little in the hell of drugs until the final chaos.

Drawn by young people of his age into an infernal spiral, harassed by this environment which locks him up in a prison from which he will not come out, the spectator witnesses the slow agony of the adolescent who only becomes aware too late of his situation.


Two characters to play the young man – his heart and his brain – and the duality that sometimes opposes them. The mind doesn't always listen to the heart, and feelings can sometimes override reason.

It is this last confrontation, just before dying, which is staged.

A contre coeur, larges extraits vidéo
A contre coeur, Teaser "Coup de poing"

Debates after the show

A contre cœur is a "forum" type show on the theme of addictive behavior and harassment.

The intervention takes place in two stages:

First a 30-minute play, then a debate between the public, the team and a health professional on what was seen. This show is created in partnership with the drug listening point of Soissons and is offered to teenagers from 11 years old.


The situations played are theatrical and therefore lead to an open discussion with the spectators. There is no question for us of being "exhaustive", we can never be, the show is therefore not a "catalogue of situations".


The discussion, the debate which follow, are used precisely to lead the teenager to identify them, to propose others and to reflect on the way to act when one is confronted with the problems evoked.

01/10/2021-First performance La Neuville Social Center in Saint-Quentin

Thanks again for your performance last Friday. This was much appreciated!
Charles Watbot

Saint-Quentin town hall health officer

We cannot remain indifferent to the staging and the various messages it conveys!! Congratulations to all the speakers of this show, you knew how to challenge me!  Bravo!Olga Pugnetti

Reportage indépendant de BDV Productions
avec intervenants et programmateurs

Text and direction : Jean-Bernard Philippot

The heart : Marie Recours
The brain : Léa Marie

Puppets: Jean-Noël Parmentier

Accessories: Benjamin Isabel


Régie : Maxime Aubert

Speaker debate : Hervé Santerre, working psychologist

at the drug listening point in Soissons

Administration : Julien Dubuc



Jean-Bernard Philippot is published by L'Harmattan in 2020

with his last piece “ Résistance(s)

Rehearsal photos

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