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Au cabaret du Lapin Agile Compagnie Nomades

The Agile Rabbit Cabaret

Come and discover the history of this legendary cabaret!

Au caaret du Lapin Agile Compagnie Nomades

"The Lapin Agile is the safe of eternity". This is how Claude Nougaro describes this legendary cabaret in Montmartre. That's where he started. Like so many others !


Since the end of the 19th century and for almost half a century, Le Lapin Agile will indeed be the place of the Parisian artistic bohemian. In fact since Apollinaire, Picasso, Dorgelès, Jacob, Dullin, Mac Orlan, Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, Utrillo, Cendrars, Courteline, Brassens - among many others, according to their times and affinities - had taken to meet there.

The debates between these Poets, Novelists, Painters, Singers and various Artists were frequent there, the festive and passionate evenings, almost daily.

Go and meet these legends in a show where songs, historical anecdotes and dramatic texts collide in a frantic rhythm!

Video: The Teaser!

Text, direction, scenography, lights
Jean-Bernard Philippot

Actors: Delphine Magdalena, Jean-Louis Wacquiez, Nicolas Fantoli, Patrice Leduc and Jean-Bernard Philippot

Musicians: Pauline Dhuisme, Tiphaine Lacrampe, Philippe Leroy

Administration: Julie Donadini, Nicolas Berthelot

Video: The first!

Short excerpts and audience reactions during the first performance.

"The spirit of the artists of Montmartre revived in front of a delighted public!" THE AXONAIS

"The lyrics of the songs of yesteryear, remained in the memories, were taken up with pleasure by the audience!"THE PUBLIC GOOD

"I am amazed by the level of requirement of this show. What a creation! I really say congratulations to the Nomades company for the very strong messages expressed this evening through a very qualitative artistic and intellectual proposal that pulls things up. We have witnessed the enhancement of the Francophonie with its most beautiful features, its songs, its poetry, its literary texts and its biggest names. A huge work, a very complete fresco for a very great theatrical moment."

Jacques Krabal
Member of Parliament for Aisne, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly of La Francophonie.

Video: Extract Dorgelès

The 1st World War seen by Roland Dorgelès

in "The wooden crosses".

Didier Lalonde
A high quality show, a perfect staging, meticulous and faithful to reality. Actors of great talent for a totally deserved success. A magnificent piece wonderfully interpreted with excellent musicians!

Anny Pestel
Congratulations to all the actors and musicians. A magnificent piece to see and review absolutely. Thank you for this wonderful evening!

Videos: Spectator reactions

Spectator reactions following the 2nd performance
recorded at the Cultural Center of Soissons.

The enthusiastic crowd!
"A joyful musical atmosphere reigned on the stage of the Gaston Bernard theater... A very beautiful musical comedy, funny, moving... The enthusiastic public applauded the Nomades company!"

The blog Pays Chatillonais:read

Ihe nimble rabbit from Nomades, a must!

"I went there for you and I recommend it to you, more real than life, the agile rabbit cabaret of the Cie Nomades, superb moment of nostalgia!

Musicians and actors took us on a crazy evening, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, and full of nostalgia. What a lot of work to put on a show of this quality!"

Spectator reactions following the 5th performance recorded at the Cultural Center of Vailly sur Aisne.

Laurent Olivier
Sub-Prefect of Aisne, district of Soissons.

"This show moved me a lot because I often visited the Montmartre museum. I had bought the works of Dorgelès and this period spoke to me a lot. It was very well rendered with great quality by the actors and the musicians who made a very beautiful interpretation. I hope a very long life to this creation".

Alain Reuter
Former Vice-President of the Regional Council of Picardy, in charge of culture
At the cabaret as if we were there; and not just any: "At the agile rabbit", the dean of French cabarets, that of Montmartre at the foot of the vineyards of the famous free commune on the heights of Paris... And this Saturday evening a colorful show given at the Center cultural center of Vailly on the happy initiative of the "Rural Families" Association...
This is the bet that has taken on the challenge of succeeding -and in what a beautiful way ...!- theNomad Companyunder the effective and talented leadership of Jean-Bernard Philippot, its director...
From Aristide Bruant to La Môme Piaf via a host of multi-faceted artists who have frequented these mythical places in various capacities -where songs, humor and poetry still reign today...-: the Mac Orlan, Carco , Dorgelès, Picasso, Chevalier, Hemingway, Vaucaire, Nougaro, Caussimon are mentioned there...
More than an hour and a quarter of a show brilliantly given by a troupe of five actors and three musicians in front of a packed house to the point of having had to refuse people... This is to say that the reputation of the Compagnie Nomades is not usurped...Ladies and gentlemen broadcasters, you will delight your audiences by programming them in your rooms...!

Without hesitation, without moderation!

Spectator reactions following the 3rd performance recorded at the TGB in Chatillon/Seine.

Spectator friends of our creation, don't forget to go to Au Lapin Agile!The mythical site

Parisian reactions following the 1st:

Wonderful show - 10/10 - Gaëlle
I highly recommend ! Through the history in music and songs of this cabaret, it is a century of French history that parades. Picasso, Apollinaire, Edith Piaf... There is joy, there are tears, and we get carried away. Very sensitive staging and multitalented actors. Cheer !

9/10 - Anna
We were charmed by this singing and playful show. A great time!

Joelle Peat
"Excellent moment, musical-historical-Montmartre show both deep and joyful!!!
Let all those who want to laugh, smile, vibrate, sing, run to the Darius Milhaud theater from Sunday January 27, they won't regret it.
Congratulations, and beautiful Parisian life at the Cabaret du Lapin Agile!"

Marie-Pierre Duval (Journal L'UNION)
"Parisian friend, Parisian friend!!
The Cabaret du Lapin Agile at the Darius Milhaud theater, an enchanting show not to be missed under any circumstances!!!"

Gaelle Renouard
"Go for it..!
You can only spend a very nice moment in front of this creation by Jean-Bernard Philippot. Texts, staging and acting... everything is just a treat...!"



I had a great time ! A table, a few chairs, musical instruments, and the magic happens: we find ourselves plunged more than a century back in time, in a cabaret which saw all the figures of intellectual and artistic France of the time pass: Picasso, Apollinaire, Edith Piaf, Maurice Chevalier... The actors sing, play music, declaim, embody several characters in turn: what a feat! They even come to meet the public: we were treated to a few little brandied cherries, cabaret oblige! The staging is fabulous: I particularly loved the shadow puppets through which the director evokes the tragedy of the two world wars. A moment of great emotion between two songs. Really, this show has everything great!

I had the opportunity to see this show during its premiere in Paris, in a group of 4 to 65 year olds. The piece combines solid historical and cultural references, brought with humor or seriousness depending on the moment, without falling into elitism. We quickly get caught up in the history of this cabaret, which has seen some of the biggest names in literature, painting, music (...) French and international. A diversified staging, which gives pride of place to the musicians of the troupe, who are not overshadowed by the actors. All in all, a very nice discovery!

And Paris rose!
Enchanted Parisian spectators!
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